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Psychedelic indie act Betty Goes A Go-Go started out in Borlänge, Sweden as an experimental punk band with a krauty touch. They debuted in 2000 with the Sonic Trip ep. After changing much of the guitars for synthesizers and even more trippy soundscapes, they gradually leaned into a more eclectic environment of dub, sampled beats and world music. The band is revolving around main composer Erik Dåverud and their records are usually involving various guests apart from the more resident band members.

Beside official releases Betty Goes A Go-Go has written music for commercials, magazines, festivals and such. Dåverud also runs the label Coming Ohm as well as releasing Ohm Zine fanzine.


Sonic Trip ep • molten666 • 2000 • EP, CD
jetagelove • molten018 • 2002 • Album, CD
A Moment of Clarity • molten021 • 2005 • EP, CD
Winter Begins Here • cohm001 • 2007 • Album, CD
The Works • cohm002 • 2009 • EP, CD (8 cm/4,7 inch)
The Goods • cohm003 • 2009 • EP, CD (8 cm/4,7 inch)
Lotus • cohm004 • 2011 • Album, CD
Patchwork • cohm005 • 2013 • Album, CD
State Of Surrender ep • cohm008 • 2015 • Split EP, vinyl 12”
From Jonestown With Love • cohm017 • 2018 • Single, digital
The Frost Brigade • cohm020 • 2019 • Single, digital/vinyl 10”
Altamont • cohm021 • 2021 • Album, vinyl 12″